Help us pull the terror rug out from under the Conservative election strategy

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Like a ninja on a bike, dangerous wheels have been silently set into motion: Political experts across the country are predicting the Conservatives will call a snap election, possibly in the next month.

“Suddenly, Stephen Harper has a raft of new reasons to want an early campaign and,even more precisely, to fear a later one. Most fundamental of all is a weakening economy.” 
- The Ottawa Citizen1

The time is right. Nearly a decade of the Conservatives economic promises are falling apart. Household debt just hit another all time high,2 job quality is the lowest it has been in 25 years3 and thousands of workers are being laid off in the tarsands.5 The Conservatives placed all our eggs in one oily basket, which has slipped from their fingers, as oily baskets are prone to do.


 “The federal Conservatives have bet the farm, tractor, livestock and kitchen sink on the assumption that Canadians are anxious to smite evil-doers [..] and that the populist loathing of miscreants will supersede all else ahead of the federal election.”
- National Post

About 2 million of our peers are expected not to vote.4 Nothing short of a cultural phenomenon will change this. The SHD community needs to come together like never before to produce a new wave of viral content and creative direct action that infuriates and inspires an entire generation. And maybe, just maybe, learn to love again.

Our network of comedic and creative talent has never been bigger and over 1,000 supporters have now pledged to risk arrest while confronting the Conservatives. Imagine what our networks of artists and agitators could do if we had the resources and staff to run a full time election campaign. Can you chip in to help us make sure we have the resources we need to take this fight on?



PHASE 1: Diffuse the government’s terror threats.

In 2013 - thanks to the generous support of people across the country - we started producing a hard-hitting documentary about Canada’s surveillance programs. Think “Fahrenheit 911” times a thousand, so “Fahrenheit 911,000.” We’ve interviewed some of the countries leading experts and those who have actually been wrongfully targeted by this surveillance and intimidation. Together with members of the SHD community we’ve also taken direct action multiple times to confront Canada’s spy agencies at their own headquarters.

Now we’re in post-production, turning years of video content and research into a thorough short-documentary that can also be shared as a series of viral videos. This innovative blend of targeted online content and disruptive direct action will expose and diffuse the government’s fear-mongering in the lead up to the voting day.

PHASE 2: Brandjack the EconomicActionPlan and focus mainstream attention on the mess.

For years the SHD community has been focused on the Conservatives’ achilees heel - the myth that they’re good for the economy. Together we’ve run numerous people powered TV ads exposing the true state of economic inequality and Conservative corruption. More recently, we even managed to buy the website right out from under the their nose - for just $9. Our campaign cost less than 0.00005% as much as the Conservatives’—but it contains 100% more facts and for a while generated more web traffic than the Conservatives multi-million dollar campaign.6

Desperate to distract the country from the economic disaster they’ve created, the Conservatives have shelved their own hundred million-dollar ad campaign. But since we have the keys to the brand, we can take it for a joy ride—a justice ride, if you will—doing donuts in the parking lot of public consciousness. Imagine Stephen Harper scrolling through Facebook first thing in the morning - to like videos of himself covering Beatles songs - and suddenly he sees a hard hitting ad from, one that’s being targeted at young people and Conservative voters across the country. “What the what?” he’d say, spitting up his coffee. Not only can we use their own brand against them online, but in the real world too, with members of our direct action network jamming billboards and crashing events to focus the election debate on the Conservatives’ economic failures.



Sean Devlin
 has been making films and performing as a stand up comedian since he was a teenager. His first feature film, “Zach and Avery” (2004) was an official selection of the Paris/Berlin Recontres Internationales and won “Best Comedy/Drama” at the Illinois Black Earth Film Festival. As the Executive Director at he has directed more than 60 videos produced by the organization since 2011. He also serves as an action coordinator for The Yes Men’s organization The Yes Lab.


Fatima Dhowre
 is her mother’s favourite stand up comic. Her charming smile and wit have carved her out a space in Vancouver’s thriving comedy scene. Born in Montreal, Fatima’s odd perspective on life stems from her nerdy pursuits to her unusual African family and everything in between. She was recently featured in 2014’s Northwest Comedy Fest and is a regular at Yuk Yuks Comedy Club. Fatima is also a cast member on the national Canadian TV show, Morgan Brayton and Other People. 


Daniel Code
 is the producer, media creator and writer of numerous video projects. He has produced numerous music videos (Dan Mangan, Louise Burns), advertisements (, Caribou Beer, David Suzuki Foundation) and a comedy web series for CTV. His most recent accolades include; producing a climate change documentary in the Philippines and his team being nominated for Best Music Video at the 2015 Juno’s.



Alexandra Marriott is originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, Alexandra moved in 2010 to Vancouver, Canada to become a filmmaker. She completed successfully her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production at the University of British Columbia. She has worked on the post-production of activist documentaries working with emerging First Nations directors Doreen Manuel and Elle Maija Tailfeathers. Currently, Alexandra is working on her first feature documentary for Out TV Channel directed by emerging LGBT right activist filmmaker Joella Cabalu and produced by Genie award-winning filmmaker Cari Green. 


nicky.jpgNicky Young is a journalist, photographer, and activist originally from Toronto. Since graduating from High School he as freelanced with various skateboarding magazines, VICE. Most recently he served a volunteer videographer for The Yes Men and the Climate Justice Alliance. Challenging authority and documenting are pursuits Nicky picked up from filming skateboarding growing up. He recently moved to Vancouver to volunteer full time with SHD.



Collectively ShitHarperDid’s rotating cast of comedy talent boasts credits from Just for Laughs, CTV, CBC, NFB, YTV, and RESPECT (find out what that means to me). Individually, their members have performed around the globe and have earned a few Canadian Comedy Awards and other accolades along the way. Some of them went to university and finished, even. The others learned through life experience and The Wikipedia.


If we raise $38,000 we can:

  • Reach a minimum of 500,000 people through ad boosts

  • Produce multiple videos totalling 15-20 minutes of content focused on surveillance and debunking terror propaganda

  • Produce multiple videos totalling 15-20 minutes of content focused on exposing the Conservatives’ economic failures  

  • Pay fair living wages for 5-7 artists, filmmakers and writers

If we raise $65,000 we can:

  • Reach a minimum of 1 million people through ad boosts

  • Produce multiple videos totalling 30 minutes of content focused on surveillance and debunking terror propaganda

  • Produce multiple videos totalling 30 minutes of content focused on exposing the Conservatives’ economic failures  

  • Make the content funnier by hiring more comedians for longer hours

  • Organize creative direct actions with SHD community members across the country

  • Film additional new interviews following the stories of key people impacted by these issues

  • Work with a professional animator to produce slicker, more compelling final films

  • Create original media art and standalone artistic pieces

  • Work with musician Babe Rainbow to create an original full music sound track

  • Pay fair living wages for 10-14 people

More about 

During the 2011 election, we started out as a few artists. With your help we became an unprecedented national community of people speaking truth to power. Together we reached millions of people. As a result Elections Canada officially recommended that federal election rules be changed to account for the big impact that our little campaign had.   

"The viral phenomenon that captured the digital zeitgeist during the 2011 election... is back with a vengeance."

—Huffington Post

"Viral comedy site with the unprintable name turns to political activism"

—Globe & Mail

“Wreaking havoc on the Conservative party’s image.”

—Post Media

"Merry band of Vancouver pranksters relaunch ShitHarperDid with new focus on real activism"

—Vancouver Sun

“Winning the viral video war with a stealth campaign that’s been spreading like prairie wildfire.”

—Globe & Mail


The Ottawa Citizen: "The Case For a Spring Election"

2  Huffington Post: "Canadian Household Debt Hits Record High Of 163.3% Of Disposable Income"

3  Financial Post: "Job quality in Canada dives to record low — and there’s no relief in sight, CIBC report says"

 Winnipeg Free Press: "Youth vote can turf Tories this year"

Financial Post: "A thousand oilsands workers laid off unexpectedly at Husky Energy’s Sunrise project"

Globe & Mail: "Suncor cuts 1,000 jobs, takes $1-billion out of 2015 budget"

Georgia Straight: "ShitHarperDid's fake economic action plan generates more daily visits than Conservatives' real plan"



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