Our People

SHD Comedy Team

Collectively the ShitHarperDid Comedy Team boasts credits from Just for Laughs, CTV, CBC, NFB, YTV, and RESPECT (find out what that means to me). Individually, their members have performed around the globe and have earned a few Canadian Comedy Awards and other accolades along the way. Some of them went to university and finished, even. The others learned through life experience and The Wikipedia.

SHD Action Team

Brigette DePape is ShitHarperDid's Lead Community Organizer. While working in the Parliament of Canada, she staged a silent protest using a ‘Stop Harper’ sign. She recently co-edited a book on youth activism, and has interned with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. She's active in the climate justice movement and was an organizer for the 2012 PowerShift convergence.

Sara Wylie is SHD's Campaign Manager. She builds relationships with the ShitHarperDid supporters and volunteers in real life. Sara organizes events and workshops that bring the SHD team across Canada. She has experience working with a range of social justice non-profit organizations and absolutely no background in comedy, so she won’t even try to make this bio funny. Stick to what you know, Sara.

Sean Devlin is a comedian, filmmaker, activist and Executive Director of SHD. He has been performing stand up comedy since he was a teenager and has been active in the climate justice movement for 4 years. He is a direct action trainer and a thought stylist at the Yes Men's Yes Lab for creative activism. 

Board of Directors

Harsha Walia is a co-founder of No One is Illegal. She has been named one of Canada's most brilliant and effective political organizers by Naomi Klein, and one of the most influential South Asians in BC by the Vancouver Sun. A graduate of UBC law, she is active in migrant justice, anti-racist, feminist, Indigenous solidarity, Palestine solidarity, anti-imperialist, and anti-capitalist struggles for which she has taken part in organizing dozens of large convergences. Her writings have appeared in over fifty publications and her first book is forthcoming in 2013. Harsha has failed her drivers test eight times.

Mike Bonanno is one of The Yes Men, an activist duo known for more than a decade of satirical interventions that scandalize the world's biggest corporate criminals. Although The Yes Men have been called "the Jonathan Swift of the Jackass generation" by author Naomi Klein, they’ve been doing it so long that now that the Jackass Generation is history, and they need a new quote. Unfortunately, they still can't pay themselves, so they work day jobs in Academia—in Mike's case as a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.

Melina Laboucan Massimo is the tar sands campaigner for Greenpeace Canada. A long-time Indigenous activist and environmentalist, her work has been featured by the Nobel Women’s Initiative. She is a Lubicon Cree from Northern Alberta, who has witnessed first-hand the impacts of oil sands development on her Nation’s people, culture, and land. These developments have taken place without consent by the Lubicon people and in direct violations of their treaty and international human rights, as determined by the UN Human Rights Committee. Melina travels across Canada and the world to share her community’s stories and realities. She is also a core organizer of the annual Healing Walk, a walk aimed at raising awareness about the impacts of oil sands development on people, land and water and to express continued opposition to the destruction.


Ehren Salazar is an artist who was born and raised near Main Street in Vancouver, Canada. Riley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park were his frontyard. When he isn't drawing or painting, he can be found loitering about town, feel free to holler at him.