Three women removed from Harper event in BC, one wearing "Alan should be here" shirt.

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Three women removed from Prime Minister’s event in Kamloops, including one wearing shirt referring to Alan Kurdi

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September 14, 2015 

Photo can be downloaded here

Kamloops, BC - This morning three Kamloops women were kicked out of a Harper campaign event. One of the women was wearing a t-shirt that read “Alan should be here” referring to the Syrian boy whose death has sparked global criticism of the Canadian government’s immigration policies. An individual wearing a similar shirt was arrested at one of the Prime Minister’s recent events (Read about it in the Globe and Mail). #RefugeesWelcome actions have been organized in 30+ cities. 

“For me climate change is the biggest issue, Harper has a long history of muzzling scientists ignoring emissions. a drought linked to linked to climate change is one of the biggest contributing factors to the civil war in Syria that Alan Kurdi tried to flee. That's why I wanted to raise this issue today, Alan should be here.” said Lucy Burgess, one of the women removed from this morning’s event.

The three women were removed before the Prime Minister emerged, after being told by security that they “didn’t score high enough on their registration”.

Burgess explains, “First they wouldn't let my mom come, so they made me go in alone after checking my QR code confirmation email, and I'm on crutches. Then i got in, sat down and waited for half an hour. A conservative staffer asked the crowd to cheer for Harper and not heckle the media when they ask questions. After that another staffer asked me to come back to the door and verify my ticket. There they started asking us questions like where we live and if we were members of the conservative party. Then the door person who was questioning us walked away to get a security person who told us "we didn't have a high enough score on our registration" and we were asked to leave.”

The event was held at Northern Horizon, a manufacturer of trailers that are used in work camps for projects like pipelines and tar sands. The women wanted to connect the refugee crisis to climate change and the war in Syria, that they believe Canada to be partly responsible for.

Today the national movement to welcome refugees grew with the announcement of a month of actions. RSVP HERE


Lucy Burgess