Once we're done with the Economic Action Plan, it will never be the same again.

"ShitHarperDid just punked the Tories. Hard. 
If you're not a fan of the Conservative government or its Economic Action Plan
then you'll probably love this clever bit of viral mischief."
- Huffington Post | June 26, 2014 [1]

Canada’s 86 wealthiest people now have as much as the 11.4 million poorest people [2]. However, the Harper government continues to spend millions of your tax dollars on advertising that maintains the dangerous illusion that “Everything is going just great!”

But we’ve found their Achilles heel. Despite spending well over $100 million dollars on their Economic Action Plan propaganda campaign [3], the Harper Conservatives made one truly idiotic mistake.

They forgot to buy the website EconomicActionPlan.caSo we did :)

At first we weren’t sure whether it would be worth the $9 dollars. Then we started imagining what the SHD community could do if we could run our very own Economic Action Plan campaign.

This summer, together we can educate millions of people across the country about the true state of economic injustice in our communities. We’ll do this by running our own ads on national TV at a fraction of the cost - but containing 100% more facts. We’ll also hit the streets and take over public spaces with creative interventions that shatter the Conservative smoke and mirror show.

We’ve successfully done this before, but this time our impact will be even greater. Last summer thousands of members of the SHD community crowdfunded a little ad about the Economic Action Plan onto Hockey Night in Canada. The 30 second spot about economic inequality ended up airing dozens of times - reaching 5 million people - earning mainstream media coverage and raising $11,300 for the food banks in the process [4]. Yahoo! even named it one of the top 5 political ads of 2013 [5].


In the last 4 months a network of artists and activists listened to your feedback and produced more ads, with higher production values and more facts. We’ve also recruited some serious volunteer talent:

  • Voiceover from Paul Hartman (brother of legendary Canadian comedian Phil Hartman)
  • An accomplished but anonymous street artist who will work with you to coordinate Economic Action Plan brandjacking in public spaces from coast to coast to coast.

But perhaps most importantly, we aren’t just going to criticize and complain. We’ll also capture public imagination with a much needed public debate about the kind of radical economic solutions our current crisis demands. We’ve spent months curating big ideas for economic solutions from some of the countries most influential progressive economists and community organizers and on the day our ads start airing, we’ll launch a new section for debate at .

Imagine millions of people having their attention grabbed by our ads on TV and in the streets, then visiting EconomicActionPlan.ca. There they will find an open and accessible space to debate economic solutions. We’ll start with an offering of carefully curated ideas, but anyone will be able to instantly add their own ideas for consideration. Whether it’s a policy idea, a community based solution or a strategic tactic for economic justice – whichever ideas capture public imagination will receive our continued support in nurturing their momentum into action. 

In this way, our Economic Action Plan will become what the original should have been all along: A democratically crowdsourced plan to create economic justice, built on a foundation of critical education and honest debate. All powered by our collective creativity and courage.



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